6 Month Natural Locks!

September 22, 2022 naturelover dreadlocks

My 6 months!!

I’m at 6 months man!!  I honestly, can’t believe how time just flew by like the wind.  I was looking forward to this day more than anything, and now i get to look forward to 1 year!  I wonder if that is going to take no time at all as well… :)

I’m really happy with how my locks turned out, and love each and every one of them!  They’re all so loopy and crazy now, it’s fun to just touch them!  When I started growing natural locks, I didn’t expect them to form like this..  But I am so glad that they did.  My roots just keep making me happier and happier with each day that passes.

It’s exciting to know that my locks are going to be 2 years young when I graduate from highschool.  (*My thoughts* — ” I hope my tree roots are really long when i graduate!”)  It would be so rad if they were quite long when i graduate!  If they’re not, that’s okay.  They’ll be long someday, and that is what fills my soul with excitement!

I adore my my natural roots, embrace them, and never take them for granted.  This is still the best decision i’ve ever made.  Much love and blessings <3

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