September 22, 2022 naturelover Poems

I wrote this poem while i was sitting in my room, doing all these things. Yes, i was honestly doing everything i said n my poem. Neat ain’t it?! Hope you enjoy!


Maybe i’m waiting
For the right moment to shine

Maybe i’m listening
For when everything is fine

Maybe i’m thinking

Poetic, yet deadly.

So that i don’t take action
Maybe i’m blinking
So then i’ll have a distraction


Maybe i’m observing
To test my eyes
Maybe i’m rocking
To keep away the flies

Maybe i’m smoking
To see how long it’ll take
Maybe i’m waiting
For something that’s not fake

Written on: June 6th/11

2 Responses to “Maybe”

  • Amadeus says:

    oh my gosh! What a beautiful soul you are…..!! the way you view life is truely inspiring. i am starting natural dreads and im hoping to grow spiritually during the process. Keep being you!<3 truely beautiful. Inside and out.

    • naturelover says:

      Thank you so much 😀 I’m so happy for you, really. This beautiful experience is going to change your life forever! You will experience negativity, of course, but it makes you stronger, and more wise (I think at least) Thank you, Keep being you too<3 Stay golden!

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