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My dreadlocks at about 4 years here! My lovely sister did the make, photography, and editing. :)

My dreadlocks at about 4 years here! My lovely sister did the make, photography, and editing. :)

Greetings, I’m Kimber!  I live in the beautiful prairies of Canada and I graduated from High School in 2013.  I’m a very down to earth chick that loves nature (if you didn’t guess that already), the universe, all the creatures, and this beautiful planet.  I love to meditate, read, write, do yoga, sing, dance, listen to others, and have lovely conversations about life, man.  I really enjoy chilling with friends, meeting new souls, celebrating life, and spending time with my loving family.  My dream is to one day escape to the middle of the woods and live my life as slowly and peacefully as possible, man.  I live for adventure and enjoy the little things in life, and I hope I can inspire others to never take anything for granted!

Growing 100% natural dreadlocks has changed my life completely!  Before I grew my dreads, I always felt like something was missing in my life, I didn’t feel beautiful, and I could feel a spiritual emptiness inside.  My locks have helped me in ways you can’t imagine and I am now a content human being that has strong spiritual beliefs.  They’re a part of me, like the trees are a part of this earth.  If you are considering growing locks, I highly suggest that you do, you For the fun of it, I thought I might share some of the bands/music I enjoy listening to!  I love almost all types of genres, but my favourites are the blues, folk music, classic rock, rock, hardcore and metal.  I must say though.. I am in LOVE with Janis Joplin.  I pointed her out because she inspires me so much man and she’s opened my eyes to soulful and pure music.  If you love her as well.. RESEPECT, man!  Here are some of the other artists I like:  The Doors, Joan Baez, The Paper Kites, Sara Bareilles, Pretty Reckless, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Blind Melon, We came as Romans, Of Mice and Men, Miss May I, Eric Clapton, A Perfect Circle, Tool, Sublime, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Boston, Evanescence, Elton John, Slipknot, In This Moment, Chris De Burgh, Protest The Hero, DevilDriver, Rob Zombie, System of a Down, Nirvana, A Day to Remember, Attila, Neil Young, and many more!

“Mother Earth, you’re my life support system.  As a child I must drink your blue water, live

inside your red clay and eat your green skin.  Help me to balance myself.  As you hold in

My 21st birthday was on July 10th, 2015. My sister did my makeup.

My 21st birthday was on July 10th, 2015. My sister did my makeup.

balance, the Earth, the sea, and the space environments.  Help me to open my heart, knowing that the Universe will feed me.  I pray my soles will always kiss your face, and my footsteps match your heartbeat.  Carry my body through space and time.  You’re my connection to the Universe and all that comes after.  I’m yours and you are mine. I embrace you.”

— This quote is from the movie “The Men Who Stare at Goats” (but I changed it slightly).  I love it so much…  I feel like it explains my feelings and  thoughts entirely!

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94 Responses to “About me”

  • tabea says:

    dear kimber =)
    i had dreadlocks for 7 or 8 month… this was one year ago. i loved them, they were unique and beautiful but after i while my migrenes (i suffer from migrenes since i was a child) got worse and i could not take it anymore… i think they were too heavy. i cut them and was really sad about that. since that day i always miss heaving dreads. my hair was only 4 cm after my dreads were cut and i am now growing it just to have dreadlocks again one day…
    but now here is my question. do you have any idea how i may have dreadlocks without suffering with bad migrenes? because after some time they will surely get heavy again. i miss them and don´t want to do without them.
    thank you for reading
    tabea (pd)

    • naturelover says:

      I’m so sorry you had to cut off your locks! I really don’t know a lot about migrenes.. But i would think maybe putting your hair up in tammies/beanies might help. You may leave your locks down for awhile, but put them up when you can. Also, i’m not sure if you’re in to this, but i may also suggest meditation. Take a few minutes every day and really relax your mind. I’m sorry i couldn’t be of much help! Take care, love!

      • If mature dreadlocks give you headaches, rather than have no dreads at all either have short dreads or just a few. I would rather that than not at all, loving dreads as much as you do.

    • wow, my freind what a sad story about you migrains ,i to suffer from them too, my suggestion would be when they start to get heavy try to put them up in a very loose ponytail not tight to the head it should take some of the weight off you scalp, also meditate, meditate, meditate, my mom is a certified rakie tech an she does rakie on my head an it does wonders too!!!i loved reading all about you an you are such a wonderful kindhearted young lady,you defenetally give me insperation , not to give up on anything in life , also with my dreads i love looking at your videos it helps me to realize iam not the only one going threw this long jurney with my dreads, i hope i just dont bother you with all my questions, an i have one more for you , why are my dreads starting to brend at the tips some of them are loo0king like bannanas lol if you know what i mean???? can you please tell me why/ thanxs so much a peace an love to you too!!

      • naturelover says:

        Thank you very much! I’m glad you enjoyed reading it ^_^ They’re looking like bananas at the tips? .. Hmm, I really don’t know! I’m sorry that i couldn’t help man! :\

      • Karen says:

        Please do some research on what my be causing your migraines, it could be the food you are eating, could be reaction to certain foods or even toxins in your house.

    • soaringeagle says:

      did you use wax? wax will add weight and destroy dreads muine are 1 foot past my toes (21 years old) and no weight issues except when wet or if tied up off ballance migrains and stress headaches can be helped by gathering the dreads up and pulling upwards especialy on the hairlines the tension pulling upwards can also relieve sinus tension it dont always work but can most times

    • soaringeagle says:

      did you use wax? wax will weight them down badly were yiu washing regularly?
      did you wear them up alot/
      mine are to the floor and beyond i never notice the weight unless they are tied up off ballance..or wet
      they always feel lighter after washing too (once dry)
      we had 1 guy who hadnt washed his in 8 years and he said they were very heavy i can only guess they had 5 pounds of dirt in them washing regularly with no residues no waxes et c will keep them light then just be aware of how you tie em up so your not causing neck strain also certain headaches (i think migrains) an be elevated by grasping all your dreads in a bundle and ouling straight up gently

  • naturelover says:

    You’re welcome! Thanks for the visit :) And for sure!

  • phenphedrine says:

    I have been searching for information on this topic for awhile now. So, really appreciate you taking the time to write about it. Truly was difficult to find, so I wanted to post my first comment out of gratitude :)

  • naturelover says:

    You are very welcome! I’m happy to have helped you :) Thank you for reading! Blessings!

  • jordan says:

    I and I am cutting me dread after 8 yrs…..they will be missed. keep the spirit alive for i. much love.

  • C says:

    * poke *


  • Julien says:

    Hi Kimber !

    My name is Julien and i’m french.
    I saw dreadlocks’ videos on youtube when i saw one of your videos :) then i discovered your Web site.
    Firstly i want to say that your dreadlocks are very beautiful,so natural and i really love it ! moreover you seems to be a very open minded person ! i read some of your articles and i love what you say and what you think about life,about our beautiful planet and your spirituality too.Through your words i had the impression to see me because i’m exactly like you,i have the same ideas,i’m pantheist too :) and Mother Earth is my highest belief ! Nature is all for me, we are all children of this wonderful earth,she gave birth to us that’s why we must protect them and to be grateful toward her.Everyday i realize that i’m so lucky to live in this planet,it gives me all my energy and all my spiritulality,and concerning me,Love,Nature and Spirituality are the most important things in this world.
    I wear dreadlocks too,since one year,and i must admit taht they are me strength,just like you dreadlocks have really changed my life ! it’s a pride for me to wear it,moreover i have a very spiritual link with them.Dreadlocks are sacred,for some people it’s just a hairstyle..but it’s wrong,dreadlocks have a story,for me they are a kind of power,and i want to keep them all my life.
    And to be honest,i think really just like you,it’s crazy ! when i speak i use the same words as you,i see the life in the same way,and i was directly charmed by your words ! you have just a perfect vision of life,i love it,most people should be like you..for me your sensibility to this planet is amazing,and it’s important for our future and the future of mother earth to have ideas like our.
    I want to say that you are a very beautiful girl too,a little fairy of nature :)
    i saw that you live in Canada,what a luck ! leave in this country is one of my biggest dream ,and why not live in this country , it would be a dream comes true ! Canada seems to be magic and the landscapes are totally amazing !

    Kimber,it would be a pleasure for me to speak with you,do you have a facebook?

    Before leaving you,i wanna say that you seems to be a wonderful person,so don’t change ! i hope you to answer my message and speak with you very soon :)

    Best wishes and kisses from France :)

    • naturelover says:

      Greetings Julien!!
      Wow… I am honestly lost for words right now! First off.. I find it amazing that you’re a Pantheist as well and that you adore Mother Nature! You are wonderful! I thank you with all my heart, Julien. I loved reading everything you said. I love how alike our minds are and how much we have in common. I definitely agree with locks being so spiritual, and sacred. They’re so much more than just a hairstyle. As my locks form and grow, so does who I am. Thank you for everything you said, you’re extremely kind! There should be more people like you Julien :)
      I’m sorry that I live so far away! Canada is quite beautiful though. The prairies have wondrous sites!
      I do have facebook, and i would gladly get to know you more and chat some more! :) – I’m Kimber Nielson – But i think it’s sort of difficult to find me, so would you like to give me your name so I can try and find you?
      You’re a wonderful human being, and i hope you never change as well. Stay excellent 😀

  • Julien says:

    Dear Kimber :)

    First of all,thanks a million for answering me and for your beautiful message ! it really touched me,deep down of my heart !
    i love how much we have in common,and in this world,it’s just a luck to find a person like you !
    what you said about me is just adorable,that’s why i thank you a lot !

    My facebook is : julienvivier

    It’s a photo of me in my profile,i’m in a forest next to a trunk of tree :) ma pants is a black sarouel and i’ve a black scarf around my dreadolocks,i’m dress like a hippy :) and i’ve got a big smile :) it was during a wonderful and spiritual festival ! so i guess that thanks to this description,it won’t be difficult to find me ! :)

    i’m so impatient to speak with you,you can’t imagine !
    i hope to see you very soon on facebook !!

    Stay wonderful Kimber :)

    • naturelover says:

      You are very welcome :)
      I thank you for leaving such a beautiful message! It warmed my heart!
      I found you, and added you :)
      It’ll be great to speak with you man! Til then,
      Take care, and much love! :)

      • littlemissrasta says:

        hey :) i have dreadlocks as well but unfortunately they aren’t naturell :/ . i thaught about combing them out and do it all naturell but i have them for nearly 5 month and i have really curly hair so i think it wont be possible and i although love them a lot ! i’m pantheist as well but ACTUALLY i just wanted to tell you that i’m really happy for you two that you found someone that thinks the same way and it gives me hope to meet people who think like i do in the future 😀

        • naturelover says:

          That’s awesome! You know, you could always just leave them alone now, and just let them form on their own! I’m not sure what method you use, or if you are still maintaining them, but I’m sure they’ll look wonderful. :) Oh really, you’re Panthiest? :) Sweet man! I haven’t talked to many people that follow this belief! Thank you for everything you said, take care! Much love to you, sister :)

  • Frans says:

    Hi Kimber

    Something strange happened when I started growing my hair. A couple of months ago a fully formed dreadlock appeared out of the blue. I welcomed it as an old friend for I have had dreads for years till they became one giant congo. So this time I went looking for some advice and came upon your site and, wow man, it really blew my mind and touched my soul the way you talk about pantheism, nature and spirituality… instant recognition

    Like you I believe that earth and all its creatures are expressions of the cosmic lovegod.

    Like you I feel my dreads to be a spiritual thing. Since I started growing them I feel much more in touch with nature and more able to express my love. It may sound silly but I know you’ll understand

    You are such a gentle, loving soul it shines through all you write and all your video’s

    Living in Canada must be awesome with all that beautiful nature. Northern Belgium where I live is like one big city but I’m so happy to live on the edge of a park, so when I wake I’m surrounded and greeted by friendly trees.

    There are so much thoughts and feelings I’d like to share with you. Maybe this will happen.

    Meanwhile stay radiant and enjoy the play of life.

    “May the long time sun shine on you
    All love surround you
    May the pure light within you
    Guide your way on” (incredible stringband)

    Love and peace

    • naturelover says:

      Greetings, Frans! I’m so happy you came across my site, and enjoyed reading it! I hope I helped you out, and gave you some advice that was useful man.

      I completely understand! I have always been in love with nature, but once I started growing my roots, I could feel myself become one with nature. It’s such an amazing feeling, knowing that my roots are like the roots of a tree :)

      Thank you very much. You’re a very sincere, thoughtful, and beautiful soul!

      Canada, is really beautiful. I love all the prairies, trees, fields, and random flower patches in the summer and spring. It’s not so great in the winter though, but it’s worth it! I’m glad you like living in Northern Belgium. Realls sounds wonderful!

      I feel like we would get along man.
      Much love and blessings to you,
      Sincerely, Kimber

  • surfinghaze says:

    I just started natural dreading myself start about 5 months ago. everythings going awesome except the front haha but its all good. happy journeys to you and cant wait to see the finished product. and awesome music choices

    • naturelover says:

      Sounds wonderful! The front tends to take longer, but no need to worry! I’m sure your locks look fabulous. Happy journey to you too, thank you for reading my blog!

  • Ted says:

    Well helloooo there! :)
    I’m Ted :}
    I just gotta say, your so fabulously beautifully grand!
    Your videos fill me with with happy fuzzy rays of sunshine x)
    It makes me so happy to find people like you who have such a beautiful, pure, enlightened outlook on life <3
    It's people like you and me who understand and appreciate the glorious gift of nature that will have a huge impact on the lives of our brothers and sisters who are lost in the unhappy sinthetic shit of today's society.
    Hopefully one day we'll bump into each other , and change the world one psychedelic hugging circle at a time! Lolz. XD
    Rainbow family gathering perhaps? Hahaa that'd be pretty fuckin rad dude B)!
    Anyways , sorry for the ramblin ' I'm just a chatty lil lady 😛
    Stay groovy man :)
    Peace and love <3

    • naturelover says:

      Greetings, beautiful soul!
      Nice to meet you Ted, I’m Kimber 😀
      Thank you for reading my blog and watching my videos! I’m soo happy they make you happy :)
      You’re really sweet. This society is shit though… Maybe our souls will help change the world. :)
      Would be dope if we met! I’ve never been to a gathering actually.. really want to! I dream of it, man.
      Stay excellent, man :) Bless your soul.

      • happy hippie says:

        I pray loving souls change the money-seeking world. We should all just love a lot more. Not physically (necessarily).. But life is too beautiful to waste!

  • Jennifer says:

    Hi Kimber!
    I have enjoyed reading about your dreading journey as I am starting on one myself. I have always been a nature fiend but never had the guts to dread, but now is the time and it feels amazing! Looking through your fav bands, I couldn’t help but to suggest you listen to Trevor Hall (not sure if you do already). He is so good, it’s hard for me to stop listening to him. Anywho, keep doin’ what you’re doin’ on the everlasting quest for peace and tranquility~~~~~
    Peace&Love always,

    • naturelover says:

      Hello, Jennifer! Thank you for reading my blog. 😀
      Congratulations though! That’s so awesome to hear that. I hope you have a beautiful, natural journey!
      I’ve never heard of him, I’ll check him out, man. Thanks. :)
      Take care, beautiful!

  • Ted says:

    Well helloooo there!
    I’m Ted :}
    I just gotta say, your so fabulously beautifully grand!
    Your videos fill me with with happy fuzzy rays of sunshine x)
    It makes me so happy to find people like you who have such a beautiful, pure, enlightened outlook on life <3
    It's people like you and me who understand and appreciate the glorious gift of nature that will have a huge impact on the lives of our brothers and sisters who are lost in the unhappy sinthetic garbage of today's society.
    Hopefully one day we'll bump into each other , and change the world one psychedelic hugging circle at a time! Lolz. XD
    Rainbow family gathering perhaps? Hahaa that'd be pretty rad dude B)!
    Anyways , sorry for the ramblin ' I'm just a chatty lil lady
    Stay groovy miss Kimber:)
    Peace and love <3

  • KcRoyals says:

    Hey, I’ve seen lots of your videos, and I’m loving the dreads. I’m starting my own natural dread adventure tomorrow! Today was the last day I’m brushing my hair. I’m gonna document the entire process if you’re interested, I’ll prolly post my first progress video in a month if you’re interested.

    • naturelover says:

      Why thank you so much! Really? That’s wonderful! I’m really happy you told me :) I would absolutely love to watch your dread process man! I’m interested :) Congratulations by the way!

  • sebastián muñoz says:

    holaaaaa am sorry I am no speack english but si un poco , I like you dread naturals <3
    spiritual conection,un abrazo del alma (soul) hermana bless :)
    I am from santiago of chile

  • sebastián muñoz says:

    hiii :) beauty sister bless!

    • Kent says:

      Here’s another way to dry them. put a towel on the floor, lie down with your drdeas spread out on the towel, place another towel on tope and let your friends and family dance on top! this has become our family ritual with each washing! my kids LOVE it! put on some music, and before you know it, they’re dry!

  • oben says:

    hi kimber,are you a christian?,hope we can talk sometimes…. do you have facebook?…. nice locks anyway…. im also into natural dreads…. :)

    • naturelover says:

      I’m actually not a Christian. I am a Pantheist, I think I created a post about it! Thanks for reading my page. :)

  • oben says:

    i just saw your video on youtube… i was prety amazed about your dreads…. im into it… my locks are almost 1 year of age. its quite difficult here in Philippines to mold a drealocks because of the weather…. nyhhahahahaha… i love your page kimber, it really strikes me the way you have your relationship with GOD, and as well for being a nature lover….. i love nature…. 😀 hehehehehehe wish we could meet sometimes in GOD’s will….

    i added you up on your facebook…im looking forward to know you more…

    you’re one of a kind…. GOD bless kimber…. :) :) :) <3

    • naturelover says:

      Thank you, thank you! That’s awesome! My locks turned 1 yesterday. :) I’m glad you enjoyed my page, that maeans a lot to me. Thanks for reading my page! Blessings! :)

      • oben says:

        hahahah thats awesome… :)

        • ejcoustix says:

          Hi kim. Im ej siked upon ur dreads! Its real sweet. I had dreads also for about five
          Months.just below my shoulders. Pretty but not natural and that was my regret for the longest time so i chopped it off and now im goin natural. Its kinda crazy an awsome knowing i aint the only earthworm that loves nature. Im super to reply to u .

      • Zafar says:

        I love your dreads!I know what you mean that is one reoasn why my largest tattoo is down a large part of my leg, so I could not ever grow to be the kind of person who would hide’ it to fit in. It is me. When I lived in Chicago, New Mexico, Florida, So. Cal, I always had warm wonderful comments, amazing conversations from all kinds of people about it, never anything negative. Since living in Wisconsin, I get avoidance or looks, or not so nice responses. If people think I am normal’ they tend to pretend it isn’t there. I always laugh at the elephant in the room. But it is me, it still fits me, and I think it is a good thing in a way in that it strains and filters, and gives me great hope and love for people when they are nice. The other day in a garden center a 60-something year old woman came up and kneeled on the ground, and had a long conversation with me about the tattoo, what it is from, what it means she smiled, was warm. It made my day. I know many people with facial tats, dreads, facial and body piercings, and while some may think that it is a barbed wire fence to keep people away, I think it is a way to celebrate the beauty that connects people, and strips us all of our ideas and costumes and masks and exposes who and what we really are in that moment when we see and respond. All good. Happy dreadiversary!

  • Skylurker says:

    Hi Kimber! I just watched your dread diary videos on youtube. I’m at 6 months & all these 6 months I’ve been completely neglecting my hair &washing it about 5 days a week (not consecutively). I’m dreading the back of my hair past my ears. The hair in front of my ears is still it’s wavy normal self. I wish I had paid more attention & watched your videos sooner, then I would have known that separating my hair is necessary if I don’t want it to clump but it did. Not entirely though. I just have 3 big clumps that would have been beautiful individuals. Sorry for all this talking I have no one to talk to about my dreads. Dreads don’t interest my friends. If you have any advice please do share with me ! :] Also, do you think I can trim my hair even though it’s dreading? My hair is happy when it gets a nice little trim. :d I will be washing less and using baking soda, tea tree oil, & apple cider vinegar from now on thanks to you! Much love.
    -Sky Lurker

    • naturelover says:

      Well, can you separate them now? I’m not sure how it looks so I can’t make decsisions for you, but if you think you can, then try! If you really want, you ccan try brushing them out and trying again, but that’s not neccessary! Just try things that you’re comfortable with.
      Yes, You can trim your hair! your hair is still progressing so it’ll be fine. :)
      You’ll love the baking soda wash! It’s grand 😀
      I really hope I helped, and remember, I’m always here to give my advice if you want it. So don’t apologize :)
      Stay golden!

  • ejcoustix says:

    Hey just watched your christmas video. I love how you put peoples differences in comfort in such possitive way. Its nice. And value of clothing. And just the expression u give is such possitive vibes man. Keepin it real. Id be honest though i shop the same way u do. But brand wise its only if someones buying it. Lol! But i be reall. 😉 peace out and bless you man.

    • naturelover says:

      Thank you 😀 I’m happy that you liked my video! That’s super awesome, man. Stay real, much love to you!

  • Ian says:

    This is funny but i really like your voice. It’s just so calming to listen to!! Keep on being cool Kimber. Lots of love from England.

  • Thank you so much for giving everyone such a special chance to discover important secrets from here. It is always very lovely and stuffed with amusement for me and my office colleagues to visit your site nearly three times every week to find out the new stuff you have. And of course, I am just certainly fascinated for the beautiful tips and hints served by you. Certain 1 facts on this page are in fact the most efficient we’ve ever had.

    • naturelover says:

      Your beautiful comment just made my day, whether you choose to believe it or not doesn’t matter. :) I’m so happy that you and your office colleagues find my site amusing! I’ll try to update more often. :) Thank you, kind soul.

  • Roger says:

    Are you Married?

  • Carmen says:

    Our dreads, besides their age, are identical. I’m on 2 months and I’m so very lucky they decided to dread so fast. They’ve changed my life as well. I feel like the real me has come to the surface. I’ve taken up latin and painting, as well as a whole bunch of awesome stuff I’ve wanted to do. People give me shit about them, but not even death can come between my dreads and I.

    • naturelover says:

      Far out, man! Don’t let anyone get to you. This is your adventure, not anyone else’s. :) Take care, and have a lovely natural journey!

  • Ashley says:

    Greetings Kimber :]

    I just need to say that I love you. You are so beautiful, and you’re like my soul sister. You believe in just about everything I believe in, and I wish you were my neighbor haha :] I’ve wanted dreadlocks forever because like you, I just felt like something was missing. About a year ago I dreaded up, but because of the way my hair was cut beforehand, my hair was thin and I didn’t like the way they were coming out, so I decided to cut them off and wait for my hair to grow out completely and be one length before I did them again. I too believe in doing them completely natural. I really do miss my locks, but I will be doing them again soon! My hair is about halfway to the length I want it :] The only thing is, my boyfriend is for some reason against them :/ I told him I’m doing it anyway, and he knows I’ve been wanting to do them again. He thinks they’re “ugly”…which I completely disagree with, I felt so much more like me when I did have them those few months. And ever since then, I just don’t feel as beautiful. Of course I have my days where I’m just like “I feel beautiful today” haha :3 I love my boyfriend and we’ve been together for a little over two years. I really want to dread my hair again, but I know he’ll be upset. But like I told him, he didn’t want my hair to be short (when I had decided to cut them) and then he loves it. He didn’t really want me to gauge my ears because he didn’t think they were attractive on girls, and now that he’s seen them, he loves them hahah. So I think that once I do it again and they finally get to where I want them to be, and put all my spiritual beads and whatnot in them like I love, he’ll hopefully change his mind like he did with other things. I mean he’s done things that I disagreed with anyway, so I told him this is the ONE THING hat I wanted to do “anyway” so I am. He’ll just have to get over it :3 If my hair weren’t so short (about shoulder length) I’d be re-doing them like right now, but I do want to wait until my hair is longer and I can’t wait. I just don’t feel beautiful, or myself, and not in touch with my spiritual side sometimes, ya know man? II also just feel stuck. I just turned 18 and my family just moved here to Tennessee, and I’m hopefully about to get this job. I just want to live my life like I’ve always wanted. I’ve always been called a free spirit and a hippie haha and it’s because of my philosophies, and life style and whatnot I guess haha, I hate labels but those ones are perfectly fine with me xD I would love to talk to you and get to know you even more. You are an amazing person, don’t ever change. Much love, peace, and happiness to you <3

    –Ashley :] <3

    • naturelover says:

      That’s so rad, man!! I really sense the similar spirits between us. :) It’s sad to hear that about your boyfriend, but I’m sure you’re right. Once time goes by and he see’s how much more happier you are with your natural locks, he’ll be all for it. He sounds like he loves you very much, Ashley. :) I’m happy for you! And about the job situation, don’t worry! They have no right to not hire you. If you’re worried about your hair being too messy or something, just pull it back or something. If won’t bring any attention. – You definitely gotta start that natural journey again soon though! Your inner essence is missing its outer essence. I would absolutely love to chat, man. I love meeting others with similar beliefs and interests. :) If you want, you can either add me on Skype or Facebook.
      Skype: krazyhippie
      Facebook: Kimber Nielson

      • Ashley says:

        Omg…your last name is even almost the same as mine O.o lol Mine is Neilsen :O hahah And I would love to add you and chat!! I can’t seem to find you on Facebook though :/

    • Selena (Sal) says:

      Yes i agree too, she is a beautiful person and i think there is more of us whom r on the same page than we realize.

  • Lupita says:

    I really enjoy your personality wish many more beings would think a like but uniquely and the earth is a magical Place, I hope many others open up their souls to what is around us it would be a universe of dreams.

    Ive started my dreadlock journey again since my old locks have really made my head hurt . Now each one is separated so it’s easy to clean, I don’t like the perfect locks either, I feel like each one has it’s own mind and freedom to grow it’s own way. Dreadlocks are very beautiful, I’ve seen a couple of people with them and I wish to find more friends who understand the natural way of living but, I don’t know where to look….

    If you ever want to talk just leave me a email :) I couldn’t activate my old blog witch sucks lol

    Im glad you share your story it’s the best one out of all the YouTube videos I’ve watched. The people who judge you have it all wrong, you are a lovely human being with a great path of life. I hope to meet more people like you one day!

    Have a lovely week
    Ps:I’ve been reading a great book the ringing cedars collection http://www.ringingcedars.com/ this book has really opened my mind in living with animals and nature as one, have you read any of these?

    • naturelover says:

      Awww, thank you so much, love. :) All your words brought a smile to my face, thank you. I’m glad to hear that you’re starting a brand new, healthy journey :) You’ll meet more people like me, trust me. It’ll happen out on nowhere, too! I don’t think I have. I haven’t read a lot of books in my days.
      Thanks again for taking the time to read my blog! Much love to you :)

      • Praveen says:

        This morning I was at a painetrng group I’ve been going to since Michael was seven weeks old. The group leader is a postpartum doula, and very nice, but I guess not quite as crunchy as I am (am I’m not even that crunchy). Anyway, were taking about natural baby products, like baby wash and lotion, etc, and I said I used nothing on Michael. She seemed a little surprised! She said she always wanted her boys very fresh smelling so she got them minty shampoo and made them shower every day so they would be accepted by our culture.I had to think about that. First of all, my little boy smells wonderful with nothing on him, and I don’t think showering every day is necessary unless you do get smelly enough to offend someone. But it made me wonder about our appearance versus what’s culturally embraced. I keep moving closer and closer to what you are talking about here: Authenticity. But, sometimes, I wonder if people will take me seriously if they don’t like the way I look or think I’m too out there but does that matter? I want to be honest, authentic. I think that no matter what you do or how you think or what you look like, you will only be truly comfortable anywhere, in any company, if you are true to yourself.

        • naturelover says:

          I definitely agree with you. To me, I think it’s crazy to shower every single day. I think, people will take you seriously when they get to know you better. People will always judge with their eyes first, no doubt. But if they get to know what you’re all about, I’m sure they would realize that you’re just a comfortable human being. Take care :)

  • Ian says:

    Kimber i’ve wondered about this since watching your videos. Im no expert in natural “neglect” dreads but i’ve always wondered whether if (lets say five years time or such) your dreads will lock up more and twine. Sorry i don’t really know the terminology but i mean if they would look the same or similar to the regular, conventional type of dreads people think of when someone says “dreads”? Would someone always be able to tell the difference between the two or will your always look less “traditionally” formed? I know a few times you have said you are willing to wait to get dreads so that made me wonder whether there was still a lot more change yet to come.

    I don’t mean to be negative towards those with twisted traditional dreads because it is their own personal choice but i think the neglect method looks way better and is much prettier. As cool as it is to see your locks change and form i kind of wish your hair stays as it is now. It’s just too lovely.

    • naturelover says:

      What a wonderful question, Ian! Yes, as time goes on (Let’s use your example of 5 or more years) they’ll become more cylinder-like. Even though they’ll be more cylindrical, they’ll still look natural! Most handmade/salon made dreads will stay perfectly cylinder for all their years, but natural dreadlocks will always have those bumps, lumps, twists, and curls to continue the organic look of them. Also, there will always be loose hairs in natural dreadlocks, no matter how old they are. Lastly, my roots will never be tight, which is actually a good thing! You don’t want tight roots because it may cause tightening of the scalp, which would hurt! My locks will continue to change, tighten up, and grow. But they’ll always look natural. :) Sorry for the long response! I hope I answered your question! :) Thank you so much by the way. :)

      • Ian says:

        Thank you for the nice reply. I like the fact that they will always keep their look to an extent. In a natural sense i mean. Those seemingly “imperfect” results such as the twists and lumps etc are what make it so wonderful. Have a great day!

  • Brooke says:

    After watching all of your videos, I just knew I had to contact you some way. Your videos just spoke to me. You spoke to me. You draw off some of the most powerful, humble, peaceful vibes imaginable. There are very few people that drew me in, and kept a positive connection, and you are definitely one of those people.
    Recently I’ve been struggling with coming to terms with who I am, and fighting it to no end. Off and on for the past year and a half of my life I’ve had dreads. Real ones. Fake ones. Back combing, twist and rip, it’s endless. Like you I just knew that they weren’t for me. They didn’t pull me in and hold a connection. Two months ago I made my decision and started my natural dreads. Make up was a big thing with me to. I wanted nothing more then to throw it all away, but my insecurities always brought me back to it. The next obstacle I’ve been trying to overcome is beliefs and my spirituality. I’ve just always wanted a natural, easy breezy, peaceful lifestyle.
    Watching your videos and reading your articles helped me open up as an individual and take a big step forward. You peeled me out of my shell without you even realizing. It’s so easy how another individual, who knows nothing of my existence helped change my life for the better. You’re an inspiration. and not even to just me, I bet you’ve helped so many people come to terms, and get real with themselves.
    I just really wanted to say thank you. Thank you thank you thank you thank you.
    You helped me see me. You expanded my mind a little bit more.
    Stay true.

    brooke (:

    • naturelover says:

      Greetings to you!
      You are such an incredible human being, Brooke. I hope your natural dreadlock journey is still going strong! I am so sorry how late I am.. :( – Just remember, Brooke, you have the strength to overcome any obstacle!
      Your kind and thoughtful words touched my heart and soul. I really so mean that. Your comment lifted my spirit back up; it’s exactly what I needed. So I thank you!! I may have gave you a little push, but you did it all. It was all you! I just said and wrote a few things that made you realize your own potential! You are so wonderful. :) Please, take care and love every day of your life!
      Love, Kimber. :)

  • Lemon Rhinoceros says:

    i have a question – i know there is often problem with itching when one has dreads – do you think natural way – as its not so tight – is different?
    And your hair is awesome of course :-)

    • naturelover says:

      I don’t think it really matters. The only reason someones scalp may get itchy after ‘getting’ or growing dreadlocks, it may be because –> A) The roots of the locks are tight against the scalp. You want your roots a little looser, so it’s not pulling on your scalp. Or B) The person isn’t using the right shampoo or washing product for their scalp.

      Thank you :) Take care. I hope I was able to help

  • J Retti says:

    Try to make sure your dreads don’t congo, by keeping them separated. Might help a little, since the bigger dreads pull more on your scalp.

  • soaringeagle says:

    kimberrrr i miss ya jump on skype soon i want to move your site to a faster server
    so lets talk soon k

    • Jagdish says:

      Wow Tara, thanks for tankig my thoughts straight out of my head and putting them down on paper for me to understand them better! I felt/feel about my locs many of the same ways as you do. I have learned that as the journey continues, there are many lessons to be learned from having your hair locked, not just the initial ones we had pictured.Unfortunately I just recently gave in to those outside voices’ in my head, you know all the negative things people are thinking about me, whether real or imagined, and took my dreads out. I will be dread-less for about 2 months and then they will be going back in (this next one will be round #5 for me) there is still sooo much to learn )Thanks for sharing!!

    • Rodrigo says:

      I love eccentricity. I love your drades.In my lit class this past year the questions were raised:- Do we define ourselves by our style?- Or do we allow our style define us? I think we let our style define us to others when we are in the process of getting to know someone, and then the style is not what someone sees anymore when they’ve taken the time to know you, all they can see is you. Because of the strange friends I’ve always flocked to in the past and the eclectic style I seem to have on occasion, I have not been one to judge To me, the drades would only add to a disgraceful look if it were clear the person had a messed up life: tracks up their arms, greasy hair, sunken skin But even then, I wouldn’t be loud and say anything about it. There’s nothing wrong with keeping it to yourself.Some people just never grow up and learn that. I think the people that have the strange style and the different outlook on life are the ones that grow stronger and have more to teach others. But that’s just one person’s opinion.

      • naturelover says:

        I think you make a valid opinion. You seem like a very intelligent and open-minded soul. I love it. Also, thank you for taking the time to read and comment! I love reading interesting comments, like yours. Keep being you, take care!
        – Kimber

  • Carmina Burana says:

    Hi Kimber,
    first of all, I’m really sorry about my bad english, so I’ll try to write understandable. Well, I really want to have Dreads in natural style. the thing is, that I ‘ve got normal rolled dreadlocks half a year ago. i want them to be nearly like naturallocks. what can I do? I already stopped rolling them all the time, sometimes I’m still doing it. Do you know anything, that can make my Dreads natural?

    • naturelover says:

      Hello, Carmina! Well, if I were you.. I would just stop rolling my dreadlocks and start to let them form on their own. You know? You don’t have to completely stop maintaining if you don’t want to, but try to stop rolling them less and less. It’s up to you though :)

  • Selena (Sal) says:

    I so love that your dream is of living in the middle of the woods, so is mine and has been for years, when my kids are grown that is what i’m going to do. I also have dreads and am a member of Dreadlockssite know as Sweet.
    I just had to leave this message as i’ve never heard anyone say they wanted to be in the woods like i do. Living in New Zealand there is such alot of choice with all the giant pungas and moss and lichen, there r giant Black Beech trees covered with a black sweet smelling sooty moss over there trunks, also tiny creeks that weave through the entwined roots of the trees, the rocks in these creeks r covered in the most amazing lichens and mosses ranging from rustic browns to reds with yellow greens, also there is minature ferns growing on the rocks. The earth smells so sweet when it has rained which it does often here, so when your r in a tiny wooden hut that r sprinckled all over the forests of NZ you can hear the rain on the tin roof tops, just so hypnotic and coazy, even though i do like to get my dreads soaked with the rain and also find the minature waterfalls that the rain creates, i will also put my dreads under so the water can soak right through them. Still no matter what the weather the little fantails and black robins come and land on my feet to greet me for the timelesness that the forest has to offer.
    Keep in touch with that dream and research all you can about getting either a livable tent of kitset hut, only you can make it happen.

  • Lcanaled says:


    i am so happy to have found your videos on youtube, which led me here. It has been only one week since embarking on my natural journey……I am letting nature take it and I feel great. Believe me , it has taken a long time to get here, and still , there is so much to learn, an so much to change.

    Your videos are inspiring, thank you.


  • Frida says:

    Do you have an instagram ? 😀 i would love to see more pics of you

  • gabby says:

    Hi I’m gabby and I’m 13 about to be in 8th grade (all honers, algebra 1, spanish 1, and a drummer in band!!!! ) my dad has dreads and I didn’t brush my hair after I took a shower and my dad saw that some like dreads kinda starting and said that I would look good with dreads and I could get natural ones at first I didn’t think it was gonna look good on me it then he showed me some other girls with them and I thought it was cool so now I’m getting info about it like what’s good to wash it in and how long it will take and how to keep them seperated and stuff I was wondering if u could give me some tips

  • gabby says:

    Also I was wondering if u have an instagram if u don’t you should get one and post pictures of ur dreads mine is gabby_koren :-)

  • blake knutt says:

    I watched all your videos about locks on youtube…I was so inspired I want to know more..!! like how long does my hair need to be for them to start dreading???
    ….how do I get them to start dreading?? I just need some answers!! :)

  • BadWolf says:

    Hi Kimber! I just wanted to send you a message and say THANK YOU! You really inspired me to do my dreads the natural way. I am so excited to start this journey and grow my own tree roots! I wish I could see an update of your progress. Anywho, thanks for being you, man :). I’ll send you some good pix as soon as my babies show progress :)

    love and light
    bad wolf

  • Selena Joosten says:

    I am just like you and will be living somewhere in the middle of the forest in a tiny wooden hut, I live in New Zealand and there is so much bush here, when my kids are grown this is exactly what i will be doing, maybe there is more of us than we realize with the same idea :)

  • Liki says:

    Kimber!! :) at first when i watched your videos you seemed like a crazy stoned girl to me… But fuck you are speaking out of my soul! (Do you say it like that? :P)
    Really, i love the way you see life and life on this beautiful earth! I don’t have anyone (except of my family) around me that thinks like me or that would understand my thoughts… It makes me so so happy to see that someone like you exists out there ! It seems that you are ‘wake’ and you understood the sense of life, or however you can call that…
    It’s so sad that i never will get to know you personally but it even makes me happy to read your blog and watch your videos! You can bring a little smile on my face and i hope i can ever meet a great person like you :)))

  • Small amounts of time can be wonderful time spent together, however knowing the other person’s
    habits, likes and dislikes can be missed setting the couple up for
    a bigger issue later. According to conversation, we know that there are two main
    resons, which are overseas education and different job locations.

    Who says that long distance relationships with Filipino single women do not work.

  • Avery says:

    You should totally listen to the Grateful Dead! Seriously, best band ever and looking at what you listen to I know you would love them. I have a lot of respect for you, and share a lot of your views! I’m currently neglect dreading my hair, and I hope your journey continues to be beautiful!

  • Imogene Venus says:

    Thanks so much for this article.. I felt kind of strange feeling such a connection like you with dreadlocks. I’m waiting for my hair to get longer so I can see my babies start to form and then eventually be beautiful butterflies.. but they’re not even here yet and I feel so much happier and beautiful. I’m feeling like a seedling that’s FINALLY growing strong roots and slowly turning into the tree I’ve desired to be for so long.
    Peace & Love – I can’t thank you enough for this article. You are truly a blessing to Mother Earth, never forget that.

  • ryanne says:

    Ive started growing my natural dreadlock journey during the summer break I watched all you videos they look so rad I cant wait till myn start to show its already started but slowly but its so cool my hair looks so much better now .

  • Alison says:

    Hi ya beauty!

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