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I was just thinking today..  I was thinking about the term “bisexual,” and I think that’s a really odd term.  You know?  I’m not gonna lie, i’m interested in both females and males, I just don’t consider myself bisexual.  This probably isn’t making any sense..  *Facepalm*  What I’m trying to say is that I don’t base people on their gender or what they look like.  I base them on their soul and personality!  I like the human being for who they are, not what they are man.  This sexualality is called Pansexual!


I’ve been asked several times if I was bisexual, and I honestly didn’t know what to say.  I knew I liked both men and women, but bisexual sounded strange to me.  So everytime I would say, “yes.”  For now on, if i’m asked that same question again, i’m going to say, “I like anyone with a good soul” or “I just love people for who they are,”  because i’m not sure if many people know of the “pansexual” term!


It’s funny, I was just thinking..  I probably sound older than I really am!  And i’m not really that old, at all actually.  I’m still a few years under 20!  I guess you learn more about life and its wonders when you learn more about yourself. <———–< Sorry, random thought!


Also, I hope you don’t think that I was putting down the term “bisexual!” If people want to use it, i’m totally fine with that.  I just didn’t feel right saying it about me.  I hope you understand. Don’t let anyone second guess yourself!  Date and/or like whoever you want, and always be proud of who you are!

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6 Responses to “Bisexual?”

  • gabriel says:

    Your full of love a really like it. You know, most human on earth now are really blind so the system is so black that we can find negativty in infinity. but it dosen’t seem to affect so you much. You continue to be positive and it is what you need to do its so cool :)

    I am personnaly heterosexual myself. not that I prefer girl. For me its like you, i just love everyone that have a good soul. I just don’t want to have sex with boy, it would be embarassing for me just because it not my cup on tea I guess. However, Ive always love bisexual persons. I think they are all more open mind. I would have love personnaly to be bisexual.

    I don,t really get the difference of the meaning pansexual and bisexual. For me it’s the same think. Bisexual: sexual attract of men and women. pansexual: sexual attract doesn’t car of which sexe pansexual is by definition besexual no?

    • naturelover says:

      Thank you so much (: And I completely understand. Whatever you’re comfortable with, thats all that matters man!

      I know, it’s difficult to understand the difference between “Bisexual” and “Pansexual”.. hmm. I’ll try to explain a little more. Bisexual is when you look at human beings as their gender type, and acknowledge what sex they are. But when you’re pansexual, the gender doesn’t matter to the person at all. It’s like being blind, and getting to know the person for who they truly are, seeing inside of them, instead of seeing them.

      I’m not sure if this helped, and I know it still is confusing, but It’s my beliefs I guess. I love it. :) Thank you for reading and commenting!

      • anonymous chick (hippie friend!.. again) says:

        I get why you cannot understand it from a heterosexual point of view.. if you’re pansexual in your sexuality (in other words bi but also simply NOT looking at gender type)… but when I close my eyes and lets just say don’t hear the pitch of their voice either, I might fall in love with the words and personality in the words belonging to a woman but if I were to have sex with her it would not PHYSICALLY work for me.

        It’s also not that I am uncomfortable with women at all (I mean again, sexually speaking I would not want to touch her breasts). But uncomfortable or comfortable doesn’t ALWAYS have to do with (sorry to be so blunt but) getting wet down there.

  • Andreas says:

    I feel exactly the same way. I’m never physically drawn to anyone. What I’m drawn to is to who they are on the inside. I’m not really sure of exactly what it is, but that’s kind of beautiful in it’s own way, you know? :)

  • anonymous chick (hippie friend!) says:

    Sorry I really rather disagree. I understand what both pansexual and bisexual mean… and I think it’s great that you’re trying to make the distinction of the common misconception between the two terms… but I love women and have often wondered whether someday I could get gain physical attraction to one/any of my best friends that are girls. While, I have best friends that are guys too and keeping my relationship/attraction to them SOLELY personal and about inner love and not getting distracted by anything on TOP of that is actually hard sometimes. That’s the thing. It’s not that I don’t LOVE, in fact ADORE both sexes and people for who they are, but I am simply NOT physically attracted to women. I’ve cuddled with my best girl friends and honestly don’t feel any sort of attraction.

    I’ve laid there thinking “do I want to do more with her even though we’re only friends?” and the answer is no. I don’t want to go down on her even though I love her. I don’t want her doing that for me either.. I don’t want to kiss her or hold her breasts even though I think they are beautiful and I am 100% comfortable around her naked. I’ve done the same (and more) with men and oh LORD I have wanted to do those things I mentioned (and did, which I wish I could take back for other reasons..).

    Just because you don’t understand that others might HAVE sexual preference (are neither bi nor pansexual) please don’t assume that we haven’t considered it and don’t adore the same and opposite sex for their personalities BEFORE we are physically attracted to them.


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