6 Month Natural Locks!

October 22, 2021 naturelover dreadlocks

I’m at 6 months man!!  I honestly, can’t believe how time just flew by like the wind.  I was looking forward to this day more than anything, and now i get to look forward to 1 year!  I wonder if that is going to take no time at all as well… I’m really happy with […]



Real locks!

October 20, 2021 naturelover dreadlocks

I always seem to get comments from people saying that my locks aren’t real!  Which doesn’t make sense because natural locks are more real than any form of dreadlocks.  That’s what dreadlocks are. This is what happens when you dont brush your hair.  It matts up and grows like a tree.  You know how branches […]



1 Year Growing My Locks!

June 17, 2012 naturelover dreadlocks

  As you can see, I have been on my natural dread journey for over a year now!  My dreadlocks were born on May 7th, 2011, So I’m just a little over 13 months now!  What can I say about my journey?  It’s been amazing, beautiful, stressful, hard, inspirational, and so much more.  I can […]



Racial Comments

December 27, 2011 naturelover dreadlocks

I had a couple African-Amercicans leave comments about my locks today!  I was told that my locks weren’t even locks.  They both said that if I would’ve read the history on dreadlocks, I would know that my natural locks aren’t what they’re suppose to look like. Also, the one guy said that he didn’t want to be racial, […]




November 13, 2011 naturelover dreadlocks

I just find it hilarious when people how I “did/created” my natural locks!  It’s funny because they know I have NATURAL roots, but they think I did something more to “make” them become dreadlocks! Well, i’ll say it right now.  My roots are free from any products/chemicals (WAX), free from twisting and ripping, free from crochet hooks, free […]



Roots of the Earth

October 3, 2011 naturelover dreadlocks

Roots of the Earth I have always had this lovely idea to start growing natural dreadlocks, but it was a huge step. I was not sure if I was ready to change my life that drastically.  I spent many days pondering this decision, wondering if I truly wanted to and asking others for their helpful […]


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