Beautiful Futuristic Experiences!

July 3, 2022 naturelover Life

I used to be terrified of the future.  Not knowing what was going to happen was such a frightening thing for me.  I would constantly put my mind through misery.. panic attacks would usually follow through.  I wanted to know where I was going to end up, what I was going to do for a […]



Look on the Bright-side!

July 3, 2022 naturelover Life

Some individuals think.. We live, and then we die.  That’s all.  Nothing else. But you’re wrong.  Yes, we live, but you missed everything that we experience in the middle man!  We experience love, hate, judgement, cruelty, forgiveness, inequality, friendship, heartbreak, growth, insanity, confusion, frustration, peace of mind, gentleness, miracles, yourself and so much more. Don’t […]



Kitty Love

July 1, 2022 naturelover Life

This is straight up, just going to be photos of my kitty. Haha! I love her so much. Her name is Ellie and her birthday is April 2014. I adopted her from our local Humane Society. I knew she was the one because she opened up to me. She was such a small and shy […]


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Farewell, My Love.

June 27, 2022 naturelover Life

On October 23rd 2015, I broke up with my boyfriend. We were together for almost 4 years and living together for almost 2 years. At the time, I didn’t know what I was doing, or if I really wanted to do it. It was such a blur.. saying the words, “I think we should break […]


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All You Need is Yourself!

June 27, 2022 naturelover Life

This post I’m sure will apply to every single soul out there.  This is about relationships.  Most of you probably just rolled your eyes or just had flashback experiences.. and if you didn’t.. now you did, so I apologize!! Anyway, what I want to say is that, you’re strong.  You don’t need anyone to make […]




March 4, 2020 naturelover Life

I was just thinking today..  I was thinking about the term “bisexual,” and I think that’s a really odd term.  You know?  I’m not gonna lie, i’m interested in both females and males, I just don’t consider myself bisexual.  This probably isn’t making any sense..  *Facepalm*  What I’m trying to say is that I don’t base […]



Be yourself!

October 29, 2012 naturelover Life

I love human beings so much, but it doesn’t mean I like all of them.   I know and love who I am, but I had to go through the process in finding out, just like everyone else does.  If you think of me as a Hippie, Hipster, Earth Child, or Outcast, it doesn’t bother […]




September 3, 2012 naturelover Life

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! I hope everyone is/are having a woderful time!  I’m making a post about Christmas because I think it’s such a beautiful time of year.  It used to be the presents that made me love it so much, but as you get older you realize that it’s your family that makes it perfect. […]




January 26, 2012 naturelover Life

I’ve been thinking a lot lately, about the food I eat.  Sounds strange, huh?  Most of you don’t know this, but I’m not a vegetarian or vegan, but I really believe in it, you know?  I believe in not eating meat because I truly love animals, but for some reason that’s not enough.  I don’t […]