Dread Video Diary

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My first 4 months of dreading has been absolutely beautiful man.  People call the first few months the messy/chaotic stage of dreads, but I love that part.  Letting my hair do what it wants makes me really happy and I would never go back and change it.  I can feel myself bloom in to a brighter soul and love almost everything around me.  I’ve gotten a lot of both negative and positive feedback, but both inspire me.  You can’t have one without the other, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.



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This is my 5 month update!  I’m super excited about my journey and it’s such a beautiful feeling!  I thought i would do more talking about what I do to maintain my locks in this video and talk about an experience I had not long ago. I hope you enjoy my video.



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This is my 6 months!  It was so exciting knowing that it has been half a year already.  I really feel like my locks have became more solid and took on a lot of shape!  I love my dreadhead, and can’t wait to see what is in store!



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My natural roots at 7 months!  Lots of them have gotten thicker and fatter.  I love it!  I’m absolutely loving the way they are turning out.  Each day I wake up I look in the mirror and think this to myself .. “I’ve never been happier with who I am.”  This journey is more than perfect.


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My 8th month! I don’t really have a lot to say so I’ll just say, I hope you enjoy it! and share with your friends! Much love!


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My 9th monthhh! I’m so sorry about the month update mistake in the first slide!! My friend did it! I hope you still enjoy the video though. I love you!



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There are no words to explain how crazy this is! 10 months? Soon its going to be their birthday! That makes me so happy, just thinking about it. I hope they keep changing and growing with every video that goes by. :) I love you all!


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This is my 11 month video! I must say, I apologize from the bottom of my heart, but this video is blocked in a few states out of Canada. I didn’t realize that putting music on in my video would create such a problem. :( Check my 1 year video though!


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. 😀 This was such a magical day for me! I am so ready to watch my locks form even more. My babies are growing up. :) Much love.


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Hello!! I’ve been away for about 4 years, i’m so sorry. But here’s an update on my beautiful, natural dreadlocks! (better late than never!) I love my hair very much, and wouldn’t change anything about my locks. My journey is still treating me well and am still loving life! Much love. :)

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  • Zoe says:

    Dear Kimber,
    I have a question about forming natural dreads. About washing them, I heard that for them to lock up nicely you should only wash them about two times a week. For roots that get greasy easily, would washing the scalp with baking soda everyday and all of the hair just twice a week work? Will they still be able to lock up by doing this? Thank you for your time. You’re truely an inspiration and a beautiful person and most definately my new idol!(:

    • naturelover says:

      Well, when i started, i washed my hair ever 3 days with baking soda. Then i started going 4 days, then 5, then 6, and now finally 7 days! My hair when through a short, greasy stage for a bit, but once it became comfortable with washing just once a week, my hair couldn’t be healthier! I’m not sure how you’d just wash the scalp, because when you wash with baking soda, you just let the water run through your hair and you don’t touch your scalp at all. Maybe try what i said? :\ Just know that washing your hair daily is going to prevent locks from forming, try to do at at least every 3-4 days. :) I hope i was able to help! Thank you so much Zoe<3


  • Michela says:

    I’ve came across your videos on yt and now i’ll surely follow your blog! First of all you are soooooo cute! So sweet when you talk, so friendly, there should me more people like you in the world (:
    By the way, i really appreciate what you’re soing with your hair, totally natural! This is real dreadlocking, in my opinion! I have natural curly hair so i never brush them..i used to brush them just before washing (i already used to wash them just once a week because…i don’t know, no need to wash them more) but now it’s two weeks without brushing before the shower and they’re already getting tangled up! I don’t know, i think this is because they’re already curled, natural curled, so they just…do what they want! 😀
    Well, nothing special, i just wanted to tell you my experience (: Keep going!

    • naturelover says:

      Oh, thank you so much!! I really do like making videos for my fellow fans because I know they appreciate them, and enjoy learning and watching my natural dread journey. :) You’re too kind!
      Thank you again. And you’re right, this is the real way to dread your hair. This way has been around since the begining of time!
      You sound like you would have perfect hair to dread with! If you ever are considering it, I would totally go for it, and if you need help or advice, I’m always here. :) It’s fun to let your hair do what its wants, man! Much love :)

  • Fanny says:

    Hey Kimber!
    I’m so freakin’ in love with you.
    You exactly portrayed my point of view,.. about how it is..
    to think you are not what you are supposed to be.
    You said, it got better, when you got your dreads.

    I thank you soo much for this statement! (:
    You helped me a lot!

    Sorry for my bad english ._.

    Have a nice day and just be… who you are C:
    I will always support you.

    • naturelover says:

      Thank you kindly! 😀 I’m really glad to have helped you! Your English is fine by the way. :) Always smile and laugh! Stay golden, child. Thank you again <3

      • Christina says:

        I’m going natural too, not rllaey prepared for the big chop, but I’m currently transitioning. Kinky twists and tree braids are great alternatives. Also, if your hair is simply not thick enough to do an afro look, you can always add a kinky looking weave to your hair for thickness.To combat dryness, the best thing for natural hair is to use NATURAL products on your hair. You get what you pay for, so if you are paying $5 for hair products they will most likely be filled with ineffective fillers, chemicals, and preservatives..many of the common black hair care products such as African Pride, Pink Moisturizer, Motions, ect contain ingredients such as mineral oil that only applies a greasy slick to Black hair and does not REALLY condition it (the molecules in mineral oil are too large to penetrate the hair shaft). I currently use a Black hair care line called mineral indulgence on me and my kids hair, and I recommend it to many black women with natural hair. The Kiwi coconut Hair smoothie smells wonderful and would make your hair MUCH easier to manage (as well as make it softer). This will make it easier for you to wear certain hair styles. The napturally sulfate shampoo, is also EXCELLENT for detangling natural hair (you will easily be able to run a comb through your hair without any type of detangling spray). To get a wavy/curly look to my hair, I use the Napturally Sulfate Free Shampoo an then the shea and mango butter conditioner. Next, I part my hair in four to six sections, and apply the smoothie to each section of hair. Lastly, I braid the sections of hair up individually and put a hair scarf over my hair. In the morning when I unravel my braids my hair is wavier and softer. I’m not sure if they have a store or not, but I would advise you to contact them and ask as many questions as you can about the products and what might be right for your hair. The customer service is pretty good.Good Luck!

  • Joana says:

    How old are you? Do you smoke marijuana?

    • Okiror says:

      Yes, they definitely allow dealdrocks at least at the 3 stores I’ve worked at. I’ve known people in Produce, Meat, Seafood, Whole Body, and the Front End all with dreads. I can’t think of anyone in the Prepared Foods department right now, but that definitely doesn’t mean there aren’t any or that it’s not allowed. Good luck!

  • diandra says:

    As was the beginning of the process of dread? you just stopped combing? How was the reaction of your parents?

  • Antit Iko says:

    I have a question. do you wash your hair with water and baking soda only? or you put oils and other stuffs also?

    by the way, Im growing natural dreads too. ^_^

    • naturelover says:

      Well, I sometimes put sea salt or soap in! No oils. :( I would love to try some sometime though!

      That’s so awesome! Congratulations! Sounds like the journey is going well. 😀 I’m so happy to hear that. I wish you a happy, healthy journey! Much love. :)

  • Selena (Sal) says:

    I recone if you did 3 monthly from now on with your videos. I don’t know if its a setting you have done on your videos but you have this etherial look, i can see what is behind you through you and i don’t know if its a spiritual thing with all the love you are giving out or a technical setting on the computer, I really wouldn’t be at all surprized if it was your vibational frequency, you are a very old and advanced soul. I realy feel if you get any more atherial you r going to completly dissapear from the planet and i do mean this in a real spiritual way. Realy i think 3 monthly videos would just cover nicely with the 4 seasons of the year.

  • evan says:

    i love your dreads but my hair is stringy and straight and i wanted to know if it would effect how fast or how well it would lock up

  • Anna says:

    wow! first of all, all i could do was smile through all of these videos, you have such a peaceful energy, your locks are amazing and unique and i hope you continue on! congratulations on your journey!
    peace love & light!!

  • maya says:

    Hey sister!
    I want to grow dreadlocks in the natural way and it feels right for me to start now (I just finished school). But I have colored hair (henna reddish) and I want to be myself again which means to have my own haircolor back (already grow back 3-4 inches).. now I am unsure about to start, because I need to cut the red ends, but I don’t want to cut my dreads I believe… what would you do? Please help me… I’m not even sure you’ll read this, but I hope you do.
    Lots of love from germany♡

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