Janis Joplin!

May 12, 2012 naturelover Random

This is my sketch of her!

I just recently finished a sketch of Janis Joplin for art!  I didn’t know what I wanted to draw for the longest time, but then she came to mind.  I’ve never drawn a woman or tried doing a portrait in any kind of way!  My teacher was proud of my sketch, and as am I. :)

It meant a lot to me to do this assignment well because I love her (JJ).  I could care less if I got shitty marks for my sketch!  I know I did well and that’s all that matters.  I worked hard to make it look like her, and I honestly think it does!  I think any Janis Joplin fan would be able to look at my photo and say, “Oh hell ya, that’s Janis Joplin!” 😀  I sure hope so at least.  I’m not saying it’s the best sketch of her, but I am proud.  My favourite part about drawing her was her eyes.  I am now, in love with them.

Let me know what ya’ll think of my sketch!  Don’t worry, I’m not wanting to be a professional artist, this was just for fun. :)

“I’m just one of those regular weird people.” – Janis Joplin.  <– That’s a wuote I want to get tattoo’d on myself someday. :)  I’m dead serious about it.  I find a lot of meaning to this beautiful quote!

I love you all!

A close up of my sketch of her!

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