Look on the Bright-side!

June 26, 2022 naturelover Life

Some individuals think.. We live, and then we die.  That’s all.  Nothing else.
But you’re wrong.  Yes, we live, but you missed everything that we experience in the middle man!  We experience love, hate, judgement, cruelty, forgiveness, inequality, friendship, heartbreak, growth, insanity, confusion, frustration, peace of mind, gentleness, miracles, yourself and so much more.
Don’t go on with life thinking, “Oh, i’m just going to die anyway.. It doesn’t matter what I do with my life. So, screw it.”
Because if you think like that, you’re not even living.  You’re just slowly dying with every breath you take.
Instead, you should think like this (not to be pushy or anything!) – “I’m going to live my life everyday and celebrate who I am on a daily basis, because who I am makes a difference in the world.”
Because that is absolutely true!  We are all a part of this earth, and we’re making a difference every morning you wake up and every night you fall asleep.
You have to remember, life is good and that it’s always good.  Everyone has bad days.. but when that happens, just get right back up and show that little thing called “life” who’s boss!
Being an individual that always looks on the bright-side of every situation, is the best thing you can do.  Other than being yourself, of course.  Being able to remember that life always has its ups and downs, will get you far.


Honestly, I love people so much!  But, i’m not fond of the souls that are acting depressed. Don’t get me wrong, I will try to cheer up anyone!  There’s just some people that are never satisfied with what they got man.  Nothing is never good enough or worth smiling over.  I really can’t stand those people…  Because I will try so hard to help them to see the bright side, but all they can do is say, “No.”, “You’re wrong”, “Whatever”, “Good things never last.”.. and so on!  I can’t help you if you don’t even want to help yourself..


I don’t understand why people do those things to themselves..  I wish we could all be happy, but I know that is a VERY hard thing to do.  All we can do is take it one step at a time, and see where the wind takes us man!


Just remember..
Life is a good thing and we’re lucky to have this amazing opportunity to experience it. Some people don’t get a chance to..

A photo I took of my favourite flower!

14 Responses to “Look on the Bright-side!”

  • maren says:

    you are so inspiring!
    <3 from a norwegian girl (in love with her dreads, three weeks now!)

    • naturelover says:

      Thank you so much, love! And you’re from Norway?! That’s so cool! I hope you love this new lifestyle <3

      • maren says:

        yess, i love the internet, that’s the only place i find people i have this much in common with. haha, and sunflower is my favourite too! <3

        • naturelover says:

          I completely understand what you mean! Some people that you find yourself really connecting with could live across the earth! Sunflowers are so beautiful :)

          • maren says:

            yes, totally! many of my best friends are people i’ve found online. it’s so good to have that possibility :) yes. often it’s enough for me to think about sunflowers and then i’m happy. so nice <3

  • Andreas says:

    Some people claim that life doesn’t start fully until when you’re 18, others 20, others 40…
    They’re all wrong, life starts the second you’re born. I’d say that happiness is the pursuit of happiness.

    Cool that the other commenter is from Norway, I’m from its neighbouring country Sweden. 😀

    • naturelover says:

      Yes, exactly! To those people who believe that, I just want to ask them one simple question: “So if your life starts when you turn 18/20/40, what are you doing before then?” — Just doesn’t make sense.
      Sweden? That’s so cool! :)

  • Matilda says:

    I have to admit that I’ve not always been able to look on the bright side. Especially as a young teenager I’ve been struggling to find “a meaning of life”. Not in a sense that I wouIdn’t have reasons to live but in a sense of being frustrated over not finding something real that makes me want to overcome all the bad stuff.

    But as I’m getting older, soon turning twenty years old ( that is so unbelieveable :} ), I’ve started to realize the beauty of life and the beauty of beeing alive. Life truly can be beautiful around the world and you can find beauty in something so simple. All you have to do is look around! The forces of humans and nature are just incredible.

    I’m really happy to see the change in me and the change I can make as a human. And what a experience life is.

    Lastly, thank you for being an true inspiration for people and writing about your views on life.

    Love from (yet another Swedish person) Matilda.

    • naturelover says:

      Everyone’s journey to finding the beauty in life is different for everyone! (: It doesn’t matter how long it takes you, just what you see when you’re there.
      That’s awesome that you were able to grow into a beautiful butterfly, appreciating what nature has to offer use.
      I’m happy that you’re happy with yourself. :)
      Don’t thank me, it was really nothing. I love trying to help others.
      Much love to you, Matilda! Stay excellent!
      Sincerely, Kimber

  • jess says:

    have you even thought of visiting new zealand? it’s such a beautiful country, nature everywhere, the mountains, forests, animals, just everything <3 it's awesome!

    • naturelover says:

      I have actually! I am really thinking about it. :) It won’t be for awhile though.. but that’s okay. I have many years yet to live. :)

  • Ashleigh says:

    being around a “negative nancy” can be super hard. i feel like i used to be that person. you have to open your mind and your soul to feel positive but some people just cant do it. i feel sorry for those people too. just keep being the bright ray of sunshine that you are! i love your videos and i love your blog. i love your dreads and i am starting mine! natural/ free form of course! love you girl! blessed be )O(

  • Quinn says:

    Absolutely in love with you, sunflower. I have been following your videos for years and still watch them from time to time. I am a 17 year old girl down in North Caroline and I started my natural dreads about 7 months ago. I am dying to know how you are these days and wondering if you still have yours! It would mean so so much if you made a new updated video about yourself and what’s going on in your beautiful life. Your words resonate with me so much and I feel connected to you. So much love!

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