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October 26, 2011 naturelover Random

These are some original quotes that I made up myself!  If you have heard any of these before, then i’m sorry.  I’m sure these quotes/sayings have never been heard before though!  I’ll be adding more as I create more original quotes/sayings! Enjoy, man!


“We all may learn how to speak at a young age, but it’s useless if we don’t know how to use our voice.”


“One day, I’ll be a butterfly. I’ll be free. My home will be the River of Tranquility, the Tree of Love, and the Grass of Peace. It’ll be perfect, and i’ll be content. Forever.”

“Has everyone in this world really gone mad, lost the ability to forget what they’re suppose to remember and remember what they’re suppose to forget, and have no idea what’s good for them anymore?  I know I have.  I am, peacefully insane.”

“Life shouldn’t be something just to get through..  It’s a chance to experience all the beautiful, sad, life-changing, crazy, and wonderful moments in your life.”

“Psycho.  What’s the meaning of that anyway?  Aren’t we all a little bit crazy in the head when it comes down to it?  Some people are just not as open about how truly insane they really are..  But then again, they probably don’t even know what’s going on.”

“Sometimes, I wonder if I control my own thoughts.  Maybe, there’s an unknown spiritual-being outside this universe that is messing with my thoughts, and convincing me of what is real or not.  Reality, what is that? A figment of one’s imagination?  I believe we are most knowledgable when we are in a deep mindless dream.”

“Time for some Herbal Magic. – And i’m not talkin about the losing weight commercial. Just think about it, man.”

“Doctors can make absolutely anything sound harmful to your health nowadays, so really, just live the way you want man.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

“I figured out why I don’t have a job. As funny and lame as it sounds to others..  I don’t believe in jobs.  I don’t believe in dedicating my life to working.  I don’t want to live in a world where you NEED a job and a car to be able to live.  I thought in the constitution we’re suppose to be free?  I’m going to move to a place where I can actually be free.”

“Humans are just insane.” – Dedicated to everyone.

“Us humans, are like all the flowers.  The rich and ‘popular’ souls are the roses, tulips, orchids..  Whatever people want the most.  And all the outcasts that are looked down upon are the dandelions.  But you know what?  Even weeds are beautiful.”


“Not knowing something makes you insane, knowing something makes you insane, not knowing anything makes you insane, knowing everything makes you insane.. Either way, we’re all going to end up being insane. So, i’m going to get used to it now.”


“Why do people try so hard to “stand out” and be “different?” There are human beings that are naturally odd and different, but they’re not putting on a phoney costume, man. You want to stand out and be different? Then I suggest that you be who you were made to be and stand up for what you believe in! That’s the best way to stand out.”


“One person can make a difference. And you proved that.” — Martin Luther King Jr. (Did an essay on him) —


“Being crazy isn’t a bad thing, because now I have an excuse for not knowing whats going on.”


“I’m no brunette, so that’s why I did forget how to play my clarinet.
Maybe i’ll create a silhouette, and name her Juliet.
But for now, I’m not upset, so let me smoke this cigarette.”


“Oh confusion, how you adore my mind so
You linger and wonder so aimlessly
There’s something I do know though
I love your sweet smile shamelessly”    — Dedicated to a friend of mine.


“Some people need a reason to smile, but why? — I say, “Be happy for the sake of being happy! Needing a reason to smile is like needing a reason to blink your eyes.””


“Young believers become old achievers!”


“Exams are near,
but why should I fear?
Tonight ima have a cup(s) of cheer,
and have the best time of the year”


“Life, you are so beautiful, adventurous, exciting, and divine. I promise I’ll never take you for granted, hate on you, or toss you away. I love you. I hope others feel the same way about their own lives.”


“Just get a Kimber, I hear she has extra arms to hold you with.”  Dedicated to someone special. :)

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