My Sunshine Chick!

September 20, 2022 naturelover Friends

She is too beautiful for life itself

Well!  This post is all about one of my dearest bestfriends, Jessica.  I’m making this post about her because she makes my life wonderful and fun, in so many ways.  I haven’t known her long, but man it feels like i’ve known her my whole life!   We got along quite quickly and I swear, we becames friends almost instantly!  I honestly don’t know what I would do without her.

Jessica isn’t just some ordinary chick, she’s like a beautiful fairy that lives in this bubble of fun all the time!  I mean it when I say she’s a beautiful fairy, I was just lucky enough to have met one. :)  She’s such a generous, caring, thoughtful, and kind girl as well.  She just always knows when i’m feeling down, and knows exactly how to cheer me up.  But honestly, I don’t think she knows that!  She’s just that talented.

I absolutely love making her laugh!  Don’t get me wrong, I love making everyone laugh, but I feel like I really accomplished something when I see her laugh.  She has such a joyful, cheerful, and an enthusiastic one too!  You can’t help but giggle along with her. :)  I could be having the most shitty day of life, but if i make her laugh..  I swear that automatically makes me feel amazing.

I Love Jessica to life (not death), and am so happy that I met her this year.  Much love <3

I may look scary, but her beauty makes this photo perfect!

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