Natural Beauty

May 18, 2022 naturelover Poems

I wrote this while sitting on my roof, just listening to the sounds around me. Nature really inspires me, and most of my writing/poems are about nature. I love to write while enjoying this beautiful earth. I hope you enjoy!

Natural Beauty

Humble kitty napping
Without a single care

Appreciating this Earth!

Loving father drinking a beer
Always willing to share

Beautiful leaves dancing
To the beat of the breeze
Young birds singing
While soaring above my knee’s

Blue sky constantly looking perfect
Connected to the golden land
Serene butterfly fluttering around
Wishing it would take a rest on my hand

Obnoxious vehicles driving by
Ruining the music of nature
A natural chick pondering
Waiting for a change, for sure

Written on July 15th/11

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