November 13, 2011 naturelover dreadlocks

Natural locks

I just find it hilarious when people how I “did/created” my natural locks!  It’s funny because they know I have NATURAL roots, but they think I did something more to “make” them become dreadlocks!

Well, i’ll say it right now.  My roots are free from any products/chemicals (WAX), free from twisting and ripping, free from crochet hooks, free from rubber bands, free from palm rolling, free from back-combing, free from extensions,..  AND they’re 100% natural!  *^_^*

I’ve been getting random people that I don’t talk to at school even asking about my locks!  I’d hate to categorize myself, but i’d have to say i’m an underdog at my school!  Not saying I don’t have friends, I definitely do!  But being the sterotypical people there are in my school, I wouldn’t be surprised if I was known as a druggie or hippie.  Doesn’t bother me. :)

Anyway!  What I was trying to say is that it’s cool that these “highclass” students are some-what interested in my locks!  It’s very cool. :)

Awhile ago I was in this big city mall just browsing and killing some time!  I was with a couple chick friends and just fooling around in this one store, and this random chick that I don’t know walked by me and yelled this, “I love your hair!”   — How sick is that?!  I know it isn’t much, but it certainly made my day.  It was also my first random compliment from a total stranger. :)

I just love humanity!  Have a blessed day man!

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4 Responses to “Naturalism!”

  • Blaise says:

    Hey, just discovering your site, and I very much like it. I would go natural if my hair wasn’t so darn frizzy X( I do maintain my dreads every once in a while with the old hook, but less often, and I don’t put anything in them (only wash with water as well). I adore your hair. It’s very nice and I like your outlook on life. I have to say I wish I knew more people with your mindset. Very nice. Anyway, I just wanted to say, keep it up. Looks great and is the best thing you can do with your hair.

    • naturelover says:

      Hello! I’m glad you don’t use the hook everyday or something crazy like that. Locks shouldnt be a high maintenance job, like others make them seem to be! Your locks sounds very lovely. :) Thank you very much also! For reading my site and for your kind words! You’re a wonderful human being! And, I agree, this is the best thing you can do for your hair. (:

  • Brenna says:

    It’s the little things people say that make it totally worth it =D
    Just last week I was at a local restaurant, and while I was waiting in line an older man sitting at a table called me over to tell me I was awesome and that I gave him hope for the world. =)
    …unnecessary personal story aside, I’m glad people are taking the effort to ask you about them, instead of assuming whatever their minds assume.
    I know you made this post quite a while ago– so I hope you have had many more compliments to your soul since then!

  • Aisha says:

    You are so sweet and bubbly. You inspired me to let my hair become all natural too.
    I dont have dreads. (Well a few tiny ones actually) but my hair is curly/coily and im mixed race (mostly human though ^^’ ) and i am mainly bussy with getting the dreads out. Even though they kind of form this pretty wavy sort of thing. So ill just let it be. Most likely will seperate while under the shower into smaller parts. But other than that.. :)

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